A beautiful summer

Oh, I have been so busy. Even as I type this I hear the steady chugging of the opening of The Music Man “Rock Island”. I have about ten minutes till I go on as Marian Paroo, the stuck up librarian.

The summer began with a stunning production of The Student Prince by Sigmund Romburg. This is such a little known operetta, to my generation at least, and let me tell you the music is stunning. There are such tenderly beautiful melodies, as well as some rather rousing production numbers. For the first time in my career I did not sing in a musical. I played the Grand Duchess Anastasia, mother of the princes intended. I had a blast. I used a German accent and just made this little part my own. I was lucky I enough to have a wonderfully adventurous director in Lily King. She gave me the full reins and let me run with it. I had a fabulous time and my dear friend Raymond Sage was brilliant as Dr. Engle, the mischievous privy counselor to the prince.

Raymond is about the best friend I have ever had. He is kind, considerate, and oh so talented. We met in 2012 on the New London Barn Playhouse’s stage as Mother and Tateh in Ragtime. His sensitivity on stage is something I can only hope to aspire to, never mind a voice like golden silk. I am so lucky to call him friend.

And then I began rehearsals for The Music Man. I have the pleasure of being River City’s resident piano teacher and librarian. My long time friend Thom Miller is my Harold Hill. Let me tell you, this show is one of the best I have ever been a part of. I had forgotten how fun my job could be. Doing this show each night is a joy and getting to live Marian’s sizable arc every day reminds me how lucky I am to have love in my own life.

How often do we play a character that truly changes us each night? We always take a little piece of these people with us and they live in us, but Marian is so deep, and so lovely, I will be so sad to leave her on Sunday. Each night she leaves her mark on me, and I(Marian) am always so surprised to be falling in love with Harold, that its breath taking. I haven’t been this in the moment in some time and it is nice to return to this level of focus with this character.

As for the next few weeks, I will return home for a brief respit, then I will begin rehearsals for Commonwealth Shakespeare’s production of Kiss Me Kate! This is a huge project for me and I am just so thrilled to be a part of it. There will be a one night only performance on August 21st in Boston. It brings my first mention on playbill.com, a truly thrilling moment. I actually cried when I saw it. It’s an exciting time.

Here’s the link Kiss me Kate at Commonwealth Shakes

For now.



Continued training


I don’t go to many dance calls. I’m a singer/actor primarily although I would consider myself a strong mover, so I don’t get many chances to hone those skills.

The thing is, I love to dance. I’m not that good. I don’t have a real artistry when it comes to it, but I love to use my body to tell the story. But as I get older (and yes, I am getting older) I realize the importance to continuing my education.

I know, you would think that I would have gotten this by now, see as I teach and I’m in my third year of my masters. But I am always floored by the fact that we as humans are never done. It’s inspiring.

When I got out of undergrad I thought I was done…I didn’t take class, or lessons or anything. And I suffered for it when I came back to grad school. I needed some serious dusting off. Not only in my techniques, but in my ability to take class effectively, my sight reading skills, my cold reading skills and my quick study dance skills.

So I am making a commitment to myself to continue my education as I am here, at Brandeis, and when I leave here in a year. I owe it to the craft to continue to improve and learn. This is the only way to grow our art form.

News About the Fall

Hi Friends!!!

So I am very excited to announce that I will be playing Irina Arkadina in Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull! This is a huge honor for me. I have never really felt like I belonged in the classical acting world, and for me, it feels like I am finally being accepted in my masters program as a real actress.

I have always felt that musicals are legitimate acting gigs, it just so happens that we sing in them. Apparently though, some “real” actors don’t feel that way. That’s too bad, because musicals give such joy to so many people.

The Seagull will be directed by Shira Milikowsky and will run at Brandeis University October 3rd-6th.

See you there!